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Tommy has been immersed in content creation for over 10 years. His creative background involves hosting a breakfast radio show on STAR FM Shepparton, Presenting the TV show Ultimate Sprintcars on #7MATE, working behind the scenes as a digital video content producer for KIIS FM, and actively creating original content through his own YouTube channel.

His early background in radio reinforced Tommy’s passion to create, connect and engage with people. These skills sharpened his ability to identify content rapidly and mindfully. He’s constantly looking for innovative ways to tell individuals’ or business’ untold stories, and he knows how to discover them, even if the answers aren’t obvious.

All of his past experiences have come full circle and led back to what Tommy knows best: creating killer videos. Anyone can buy a video camera, but having an eye for quality content that will speak to people comes from the right experience and a drive for pushing the boundaries.

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#100 | Jun 4 2018
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#73 | Jul 20 2018
Bad Pork Roll

The creative process is hard — combine it with business and you have the perfect recipe for potential overthinking and burn out.

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#114 | Jul 6 2018
Geoff Jowett — Losing weight and all his money

Through drug, alcohol and sex addiction, Geoff lost it all. His rock bottom experience has helped him create a new life for himself.